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Reinvent your underwear drawer without having to search hundreds of stores to find the perfect items for you by bookmarking The Lingerie Gallery and heading straight to us whenever you feel like treating yourself to some new underwear!

At The Lingerie Gallery we have scoured to web to find the best products at the best prices so that you don't have to, saving you money and giving you access to a huge range of gorgeous underthings which will make you feel as sexy and attractive under your clothing as possible! We carry a huge range of sizes so that you are guaranteed to find separate items in just your size, and gorgeous sets in a range of colours and materials to fit in with what makes you feel the most comfortable as you go about your day to day life.

You'll be able to find silky and sensual lingerie for the bedroom, or just to give you a little spark in your eyes at work, on days out or out for the night with friends or your partner. All of our lingerie comes from the best retailers on the web so that you can be sure of picking out items of the best quality, that are bound to last and look as good as they feel.

If you need a little extra boost when wearing slinky outfits for nights out or special occasions, we provide a great range of body shaping underwear which will lift you up and hold you in without any tell tale lines or marks appearing in your clothing. You can find chemises which are deliciously soft and silky for bed, and hosiery that can be worn under your standard outfits to provide you with a bit more style and warmth.

Pick out bras, knickers and briefs, either in matching sets or in a variety of different colours as styles so that you can mix and match and put together your own stylish and sexy combinations, and if you want to avoid pantylines, why not look through our range of thongs and g-strings, which are all made to keep your underwear hidden underneath your clothes, whilst still being comfortable for busy women.

Finally, you'll be able to find comfortable but gorgeous nightwear and loungewear so that you can stay stylish on the laziest days in, even if you don't want to get out of bed!